Student Group Journeys

The perfect opportunity for school teachers, parents, pastors or anyone else to lead a group of teenagers on an unforgettable, educational adventure in an ideal location, Costa Rica. Our non-militarized government and political stability makes it a safe destination. Our conservation efforts for such a small country are exemplary and all areas are well worth exploring. There is so much biodiversity that it is possible to visit many different life zones in one short visit. And, Costa Ricans or “ticos” are extremely friendly, passionate, educated people who love to open their homes and share their lives with all thus allowing for positive cultural exchanges. AUSun will focus the experience on environmental education and experiential learning but all aspects of the country will be touched on throughout your journey. We suggest “backcountry” travel to withdraw students from their comfort zones and take on a whole new perspective on life; however, a “front country” experience will allow them to travel to a wider range of locations and take on a variety of exchanges. We have various established itineraries you can choose from to some of the most unique and spectacular places of Costa Rica, or we can customize your journey according to your group’s needs. Gather a group of students for such a trip, and your personal in-country costs will be free.

What is a Student Group Journey?

A customized journey with personalized trip leaders and educational agendas.

Who are they for?

Teachers, parents, agents, pastors, or anyone and everyone looking to bring a group of students to Costa Rica.

When is a good time to schedule a journey?

Anytime you like!

Where do the journeys go?

To the most unique and spectacular locations of Costa Rica selected by you in conjunction with locals who know.

How do we travel around?

By foot, by train, by sea or by plane – you name your fancy and we’ll coordinate the rest.

Why should we do a Student Group Journey?

To let the world change you, so you can change the world!

The Locations, Activities, and Dates

  • Locations can be anywhere and everywhere in Costa Rica! Trips are customized to meet your needs.
  • Back country trip options: travel to remote areas inaccessible by vehicle and camp under the stars. Focus on multi-day back packing, sea kayaking, surfing, horse packing, and rafting...
  • Front country trip options: staying in hotels and participating in one day activities. Hotels are generally owned and operated by Costa Ricans that practice sustainability and eco tourism.
  • Activities can include: surfing, outrigger canoeing, white water rafting, sea kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, snorkeling, biking and canopy touring... OR get involved with some community service, cultural immersion and Spanish language classes.
  • Anytime is a GREAT time to come to Costa Rica!strong>

The Experience

  • Immersion in a tropical, developing nation surrounded by greenery in the mountains and blues in the seas and a charming culture with arms wide open to embrace you
  • Excellent option for a HANDS ON learning experience
  • Customization of your journey can include a personalized educational agenda Activities require no previous experience
  • AUSun will plan, prepare, and coordinate everything; teachers just sit back and enjoy the ride!

The Safety Standards

  • Safety is our #1 priority!
  • Guides with CPR, First Aid and Wilderness First Responder licenses
  • Established emergency procedures and contingency plans
  • Impeccable safety record
  • Founder’s bicultural background and international experience is the reason AUSun follows safety standards and regulations established in US and Costa Rica

More Details

  • Recommended group size: 8 people minimum – 45 maximum
  • For every 12 students, 1 guide is provided to lead the trip and attend to everyone’s personal needs
  • TEACHERS TRAVEL FREE depending on group size


Long Itineraries

Long Itineraries

Short Itineraries

Short Itineraries


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