Student Group Journeys Trip Itinerary Criteria

It is not easy to decide what company to use to plan your class trip, and more difficult to decide on what journey. To make it simpler for you, Adventures Under the Sun presents our student group travel trip itinerary criteria. There are six key components for all our Student Group Journeys and they are:

  • Accommodations
  • Locations
  • Comfort zone levels
  • Trip Tasks
  • Adventure
  • Service

Each category is rated on three levels. We use a sun icon to represent each level, much like a star is used to describe a hotel. Below are the ratings for each category. Please request our Student Group Journey Ebrochure here to learn more about our journeys, some of our pre-established itineraries and how we categorize them to suit your needs.

Trip Category Criteria and Ratings

(San Jose hotel criteria not included)

Deluxe: 3–4 star lodges/hotels.
Pleasant: 2–3 star lodges/hotels, home stay or camping with facilities.
Rustic: 2 star lodge or camping with minimal facilities.


Pupular: Easy to access and highly visited.
Unique: Accessible and fairly visited.
Remote: Remote and difficult to get to yet slightly visited.

Comfort zone levels

Challenged: Student’s comfort zone is challenged throughout the length of the trip.
Moderate: Student’s comfort zone is moderately challenged.
Minimal: Student’s comfort zone is minimal challenged.

Trip Tasks

Required: As part of trip outline, participants are required to get involved with trip tasks; greater focus on individual contributions to trip success and team work.
Encouraged: Participants are encouraged to get involved with trip tasks (helping prep meals at certain locations).
None: No participant involvement in trip tasks.


Extensive: Can include mild to moderate adventure challenges practiced for a longer period of time and in the most remote areas; activities can include trekking/backpacking in remote areas (8+km); remote surf camps; class III+ white water rafting; sea kayaking to remote areas; generally the overall focus of the trip is on the adventure and the individual’s contributions to trip success and team work.
Moderate: Can include mild adventure challenges as well as frequented, high adrenaline outfitted activities in more remote areas; activities can include canyoning tour, inner tubing tour, surf lessons, class III white water rafting, moderate hikes (4–8 km).
Mild: 2–3 activities on the entire trip that are frequented by the average tourist; activities can include a popular canopy tour, class II white water rafting, easy hikes (2–3 km).


Extensive: 2+ days of community service; immersion in a home stay experience; the general focus of the trip is on community outreach and service learning.
Moderate: Lengthier and more focused cultural and environmental activities and interactions ; 1–2 days of community service; home stay option available; greater exchanges with locals.
Mild: Introductory cultural and environmental activities and interactions; 0–1 day of community service.




Confort Zone

Trip Tasks


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