The search for the quintessential sea kayak trip destination led Melida to the islands of Bocas del Toro just over Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean border in Panama. There she reconnected with an old acquaintance that had built a completely off the grid hotel that he sourced locally and hired all his neighbors to operate. Located on the farthest reaches of Isla Bastimentos, this now delightful, off-the-grid, eco-resort hotel is the base for our adventures.

For five days we will explore the crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches of Isla Bastimentos, Isla Colon, and Isla Zapatillas by kayak. Our boat captain, Jose, will follow us on each leg to ensure our safety, keep you hydrated with a cool beverage and give you a tow should you need it. Throughout our adventure we will snorkel in the magical underwater world of a mangrove, float over golden starfish, walk the pristine island trails in search of the flying monkeys, and swim with octipi, nurse sharks and rays.

This is a 5 day itinerary that can include transportation from Costa Rica or you can choose to fly in via Panama City and meet us in Isla Colon. This trip is perfect for families with teenagers, couples, groups of friends and small corporate teams.

Duration: 5 days
Location: Islands of Bocas Del Toro
Miles Travelled: ∼ 7 km/day


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Escazú, Costa Rica

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