If you’re looking for the perfect trip for your class or group, Adventures Under the Sun offers a wide range of incredible, life-changing educational journeys for student groups. Combining local cultural learning with Costa Rica’s world-class nature preserves, AUSun’s guided Student Group Journeys are truly extraordinary.

Travel has always been a transformative experience, but when coupled with education, it becomes a powerful tool for growth and change. At Adventures Under the Sun (AUSun) we’ve been transforming student’s lives for over 20 years, inspiring positive change in daily perceptions and behaviors through our Student Group Journeys.

Student Experiences: Building Skills Through Experiential Learning

Travel has always been a transformative experience, but when combined with education, it becomes a powerful tool for growth and change.

At AUSun, we believe in experiential learning. Our Student Group Journeys give your students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Costa Rica, taking them just a little bit out of their comfort zones and supportively encouraging them to engage directly with their surroundings. Our aim is to help students look beyond their typical daily routines and broaden their horizons.

Empowering Students through Adventure Education

Throughout the experience we incorporate games, encounters, experiments, talks and discussions. These activities are designed not just to entertain but to stir emotions that arouse change. They provide supportive, inclusive opportunities for students to gain new perspectives, learn about themselves, and understand the world around them in a more profound way.

Seasoned Guides for the Best Experiences

At Adventures Under the Sun (AUSun), we’ve been igniting positive change in students’ lives for over 20 years through our immersive student travel programs and unforgettable student trips to Costa Rica.

Our passionate and knowledgeable trip leaders are not only skilled but also deeply committed to providing safe and enriching experiences for students. All of our Student Group Journeys are led by GOCR certified guides who undergo our comprehensive personal staff training.

We maintain a low student-to-leader ratio to ensure personalized attention, with one trip leader for every 10-15 students in small groups and one adult for every 6-10 students in larger groups.

Designed with your students in mind

AUSun’s Student Group Journeys are designed for students ages 11 – 17. They are designed for school classes, sports teams, scout groups, and other youth organizations seeking to inspire and educate students through the captivating blend of Costa Rica’s rich culture and breathtaking wilderness. AUSun’s trips bring classroom teachings to life, offering students the chance to experience firsthand everything they’ve previously only read and heard about.

“Truly a life changing trip. It was inspirational and culturally eye opening. I never thought a trip could be that spectacular.”

– RYAN GARDINER High Tech High North County, 2013

The Costa Rican Experience: Ecotourism, Cultural Immersion, and Outdoor Adventures

Each of our carefully curated Student Group Journeys is filled with educational and physical challenges that reflect the essence of Costa Rica—its people, its wilderness, and its biodiversity. We create itineraries that challenge and engage students on all levels, with experiences ranging from cultural immersion and community service to hiking volcanoes and surfing the coastline. From exploring the urban energy of San Jose to experiencing the natural wonders of Arenal and the biodiversity of Monteverde’s cloud forests, our trips immerse students in the authentic Costa Rican experience.

Learning Outcomes: Leadership Development and Environmental Awareness

The activities that we include during AUSun’s Student Group Journeys focus on essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and sustainable ethics. Through service learning projects and hands-on learning opportunities, students develop better communication skills, a greater understanding of another culture outside their own, and a deeper appreciation for global citizenship and environmental conservation. Our ultimate goal is to foster a sense of community and help to foster conscientious citizens that care about the environment and promote positive life values.

Pricing and Trip Options

Our prices are tiered based on the number of students, teachers, and trip leaders per group. To support educators, we offer teachers free of charge (FOC) services, depending on the final itinerary selected. Our diverse range of adventure trips and educational journeys includes options such as cultural immersion, wilderness exploration, oceanic adventures, and community service trips.

Choose from our eight epic trips, or create your own

Whether you’re looking for summer trips for students, senior class trip ideas, or Spanish class field trip ideas, we have the perfect trip option for you. Our Student Group Journeys are perfect for student summer travel, a senior year trip, service learning trips or educational student tours.

Our eight itineraries are full of outdoor challenges, wildlife encounters, hiking, swimming and snorkeling, as well as fostering teamwork skills, outdoor education and sustainable travel. These guided trips are focused on student enrichment and student empowerment.

And if one of our student group tours isn’t exactly what you need, we can create a customized itinerary just for your group travel.

Each trip package includes transportation, meals, accommodations, and activities. Teachers travel free of charge if there are enough students, and the itinerary can be tailored to your preferences.

¨During this trip I thought that I was going to be all alone and face my fears like ziplining alone. But then I made so many friends and they helped me overcome things that I could overcome by myself. They are the greatest friends I could ever have.¨

– DANIEL GARZON Williamsburg Charter High School, 2019

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Join us on one of these unforgettable student trips to Costa Rica and discover the true magic of AUSun’s Student Group Journeys! Our commitment to experiential learning, cultural immersion, and environmental awareness empowers students to become global citizens.

As an educational travel company, Adventures Under the Sun creates life-changing experiences that inspire students and promote personal growth. Book your student group journey today and embark on an educational adventure that will shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

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