The Golfo Dulce, or “Sweetwater Gulf” in the southern part of Costa Rica, borders the lush Osa Peninsula on the west and the Talamanca Mountain lowlands on the east, both of which host innumerable freshwater rivers that flow into the gulf and therefore give it its name. Much of the coastline around the Golfo Dulce is only accessible by boat and therefore a pristine and perfect place to experience the magic of the tropical coastline. The sea is calm and beautiful, and a playground for whales, dolphins and many other marine species. The Golfo Dulce is a spectacular area to practice your paddling skills and simply enjoy nature at its best.

Our Golfo Dulce Sea Kayaking Adventure is a 3-6 day itinerary staying at one or more of the various delightful hotels that pepper the gulf. From rustic, very Costa Rican experiences to elegant, tropical, all inclusive get ways, the options make this experience very unique. As we explore the bays, mangroves, reefs, and estuaries of the gulf, we also tuck in to the best places for a decadent picnic and a bit of snorkeling, swimming or lounging.

Paddling distances range from 7-20 km per day; however, don’t be daunted, the conditions are spectacular and if you tire, our support boat will be happy to give you a tow and refresh you with a cold beer. This trip is perfect for families with teenagers, couples, groups of friends and small corporate teams.

Duration: 5-6 days
Location: Golfo de Nicoya
Miles Travelled: ∼ 7-20 km/day


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Escazú, Costa Rica

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