Ruta Sukia

The Ruta Sukia is spectacular multiday hike that begins in the high coffee producing mountains of our southern Talamanca Range and ends near the coastal beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park. The route consists of various well-kept trails originally used to connect different communities of one municipality. Today, the route is maintained and operated by a delightful group of families that have opened their doors to host guests along the route for a small taste of country culture and rural tourism.

The journey begins with a visit of a local coffee beneficiary the day before departing on the first and longest leg of 16 km from Santa Maria de Dota (2000 m.a.s.l.) to Betania (900 m.a.s.l.). After a long day on the trail guests are rewarded with the simple, cozy comforts of a high mountain tent camp with no electricity. Meals are cooked on a wood burning stove, and had by candlelight around a large picnic table in this spectacular and remote place.

Day three is a short 7 km hike down the canyon of Rio Bomba and straight back up again to finish at 840 meters above sea level at Ranchos Tinamu, a charming rural community lodge owned and operated by the Parra family. The final leg is another long but easy hike to Quebrada Arroyo in the upper reaches of the Manuel Antonio/Quepos area. At the end of the day everyone is welcome to enjoy the various gushing waterfalls and swimming holes on site as well as venture across a 120 meter suspension bridge. Guests interested in staying on at the Manuel Antonio area are welcome to book an extension to this trip. We have several wonderful hotels we can recommend and activities to do at the beach.

This is a 3-4 day experience, perfect for families with teenagers, couples, groups of friends and small corporate teams all.

Duration: 3-4 days
Location: Talamanca Range & Manuel Antonio National Park

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