Teachers, parents or others interested in a Student Group Journey should contact us at least four months prior the intended travel dates in order to secure that all intended locations and destinations for your itinerary can be secured. Itineraries can be selected from those listed, or customized to meet your travel needs.

To initiate the process, we will send you a questionnaire regarding dates, activities, educational agendas, etc. It is imperative to complete and return this questionnaire to begin processing your requests.


The 50% deposit received to secure your reservation is non–refundable and applies to individual and/or group cancellations. Should there be an individual or group cancelation once the remaining balance has been received (six weeks prior trip departure), participants will be refunded the portion that has not been used to secure the contracted accommodations or activities for his/her participation.

When withdrawing from a program prior to its start, please try to give sufficient advance notice in order to receive a healthy refund. Both the parent/guardian and participant should understand that AUSun has the right to terminate the participation of any member who refuses to abide by our rules and regulations. In this event, no refund shall be granted.

Should a participant withdraw voluntarily, for any reason whatsoever, after the start of the program, no refund will be granted.

Participants will not be refunded if they must return home due to illness or injury incurred while on the trip. Many operating costs are based on total group expenses, not individual expenses; consequently, refunds are minimal and include expenses such as food and camping or special event fees.

If an ongoing trip must be terminated for reasons beyond our control, AUSun will refund the cost of the trip on a daily–prorated basis. Our goal is to follow the itinerary you requested. It is understood that poor weather, mechanical difficulties and unforeseen problems may cause alterations to the itinerary. If an areaor activity must be canceled for any reason, every attempt will be made to replace it with a similar one.


Once your journey itinerary and price is established, we will request a 50% deposit which will be used to secure all reservations. This deposit is non–refundable. The final balance will be due six weeks prior trip departure.


Once your deposit is received, we will send you a Trip Forms and Information Folder. All forms are to be read and filled out completely by all participants and parents/guardians. The Trip Information Folder provides an itinerary, general preparation info, travel information, a packing list, information about Costa Rica and more. These forms must be completed and returned prior trip departure. Without these completed forms, your child/student cannot participate in the program.


All participants must be covered by medical insurance. We recommend that you check with your insurance carrier as to whether you will be covered for a trip of this nature. If not, we request that you purchase medical insurance specifically for your trip with AUSun. AUSun insurance does not cover theft, loss or damage of personal property and equipment of trip participants. We suggest you confirm that your insurance coverage includes items of this nature.


AUSun maintains firm policies on the possession or use of weapons, tobacco products, illegal drugs and alcohol. If a participant is found possessing weapons, tobacco, illegal drugs or alcohol or engaging in one of these activities he/she will be sent home immediately. In such event, no refunds will be granted. In addition, if a participant is found to be disruptive to the trip, a disciplinary problem and/or hazardous to the safety of others, he/she will be sent home. In such event, no refunds will be granted.

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