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 I sent my kids to five Adventure under the Sun Trips over the past years.  It made such a huge difference in their lives.  I truly believe they are better young men today, because of those incredible outdoor experiences.  I would recommend this experience to everybody that has teenagers and is worried about how to deal with everything that comes with teenagerhood.

Hans Pfister

President & parent of 3 children that participated in our Adventure Camps

 My husband and I enjoy participating in AUSun adventures, especially the kayaking trips.  No matter where we travel, we know that the small details will be taken care of, the trip will be fun and adventurous, and that Meli and her crew will have thought of every small detail to make our trip pleasant.  Both of our daughters participated in AUSun weeklong trips when they were in school and loved it.  We highly recommend AUSun trips for safe fun and adventure for the whole family. 

Margaret Bowman-Hicks

EA client and parent of 2 children who participated in our Adventure Camps

 ASUN has been an excellent onsite operator for our Student´s Journeys. Always professional, creative and flexible with our needs. The staff is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly and careful. Teachers and students have come back home very happy with service quality and the whole experience that Adventures Under the Sun creates.  

Brenda Martinez

Senior Groups Coordinator / Journey Mexico

 As an educator and as a parent, I have seen hundreds of students and my two daughters benefit greatly from participation in challenge trips through Adventures Under the Sun. Young people and even their adult teachers have conquered their fears of heights, water, and even spiders to engage in thrilling and sometimes uncomfortable experiences such as white water rafting, zip-lining, beach clean ups, camping, mountain climbing, and even spelunking. Every experience results in improved team work and a sense of empowerment, as students realize, Yes, I can! 

Dr. Kerri Nolan

Director / Director at American School of Hefei, China

 AUSun has been our go to Costa Rica adventure outfitter for over 10 years now!  From white water rafting to environmental education, from cooking classes to organic farming, AUSun has always designed unique and creative itineraries that keep our students engaged and learning every day.  Their local knowledge runs deep and their guides treat each group like family, opening our students to cultural and community experiences that have changed lives and made life long friendships.  We feel safe and secure knowing that the AUSun staff is keeping watch over our most precious resource, our kids!  Thanks Meli and team for making each and every year a new and exciting adventure for both kids and teachers.  

Rebecca Scotti

CFO / Journey Mexico

 De parte de la Familia Arrieta Ch y principalmente de Andrés, deseamos agradecerles por haber creado una experiencia única, inolvidable, llena de retos y aventuras para Andrés. Andrés ha llegado a casa muy contento y sumamente emotivo porque estos días junto a ustedes se formó en él un sentimiento de amistad, de unión , de equipo. La felicidad de la experiencia se mezcla en estos momentos con la tristeza del término de esta aventura llamada Expedición Nicoya 2018!! 

Adriana Chave Mora

Parent of a participant in our Adventure Camps

 Hi Melida, I so enjoyed the trip. You and your team were such a pleasure…and your attention to detail was so appreciated. 

Catherine Simon

OSA Sea Kayaking Exclusive Adventure 2014

 About 7 years ago my husband Hans and myself decided it was time to let our twin sons get some independence from us and an exit out of the sheltered “bubble” they lived in. When they turned 12, we decided to send them off on their first adventure with Adventures under the Sun. I believe they were gone for two or three nights. The young boys returned amazed by what Costa Rica had to offer and all they had learned with Adventures under the Sun: hiking, camping, group meals, cleaning up, kayaking and surfing. The following years they went every year after that becoming truly great adventurers. I do remember that after they returned from the Osa Camp they came back very grateful to a clean bed and a home cooked meal. Adventures under the Sun gave my twins the opportunity to live the best of Costa Rica in a safe and enriching way. You changed the lives of my boys! Thanks! 

Jennifer Pfister-Libby

Parent of 3 children who participated in our Adventure Camps

 I, and indeed all members of our family, have participated over the years in many of Meli’s Adventures Under the Sun (and occasionally under the rain) – kayak trips and treks.   We have always had a great time and look forward to more of Meli’s adventures in the future.        Meli is an amazing person and impresses in so many ways.  She is very efficient and her adventures are always well organized.  She is an excellent cook and picnics on beaches and in the mountains are a treat.  For such a slim and trim lady, her physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.  And perhaps most important, she is a delightful person with a warm and friendly personality. 

Ian Young

EA client and parent of 3 children who participated in our Summer Expeditions

 Many thanks for a great weekend.  You not only impress – indeed amaze – with your physical capability, but also how you always have everything perfectly organized. For those of us of a certain age, trips such as last weekend are not only most enjoyable but also good for the ego and self confidence.   It let’s us know that we are not quite as decrepit as we probably look and sometimes feel. 

Steve Little

Isla Chiquita Sea Kayaking Exclusive Adventure 2018

 Dear Melida, From what we have seen beforehand by WhatsApp through the photos and the “life” documentation we already knew that this would be a life experience for all participants. In the case of Jenny you are completely right regarding her comfort zone and one of the reasons we motivated her to participate was just this challenge to get a new experience different than the “Country Day Lifestyle”. She came back very happy and day by day she is telling us more of her nice experiences. 

Joaquim Richly

Parent of a participant who participated in a Summer Expedition

 Melida, Muchas gracias por el feedback, para nosotros era muy importante no solo que Sebastian la pasara bien (en el summer expedition), sino que el camp fuera una experiencia de vida y desarrollo personal. Nos alegra saber que él haya aprovechado la oportunidad y haya participado activamente en el camp y haya desarrollado sus “soft skills” con el resto de sus compañeros.  

Karl Schmack

Parent of a participant in our Summer Expedition

 All the safety standards were met, and I never felt at any time that safety was compromised. The leaders were well qualified and went above and beyond. 


Keystone Montessori School

 On behalf of our entire crew we would like to let you all know that so far in 3 seasons of production for this show your crew was hands down the best we have ever had. Since we have been in Rio our crew keeps reminiscing about our experience and new lifetime friends we made with all of you. I will return one day when I’m on vacation and I will plan to see all of you! Thank you all for your hard work to make our shoot successful and fun! 

Kristin Heidbreder

Unit Production Manager / Travel Channel’s Trip Flip

 Méli, you and your entire group are exemplary!  Each and every one of you. From Mané always being right where he needs to be, with a smile to Manuel’s good natured presence to Luigi’s humor and youthfulness to Diego’s innocent way about him and to you who is the glue, the brains and the drive behind it all.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. We all feel that we have just gained 7 life long friends, including Mario and Sebastian.  What a fantastic group of hard working, gracious individuals! 

Bill Crispin

Associate Producer / Travel Channel’s Trip Flip

 I can unequivocally recommend Meli’s programs 110%.  Jack loved every part (including the tougher segments).  He grew enormously.  In fact, so much so that the whole summer was like the 12” fish which became 28” by the time he was done writing his high school application essays and talking about the adventure and Costa Rica to admissions officers.  We can’t thank Meli or her people enough for Jack’s experience. 

Tom Wolfe

Parent of a participant in our Summer Expedition

Great trip, the homestay and language program really allowed the students to engage in the language and culture. The Corcovado experience was unbelievable.

Emily Durkin

Teacher / Telluride Mountain School

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